The lack of support and difficulties for Veteran support has exponentially grown throughout the years. From delayed care to chronic veteran homelessness, we as United States citizens need to find a way to both advocate and change the Veteran Affairs issues and void our lack of responsiveness for our American heroes.

First and foremost, we need to understand the perspective of a veteran soldier. Currently there are over twenty two million veterans in the United States. Many of these soldiers have returned from Iraq and Afghanistan and over a million more service members will be reentering civilian life over the next five years. With a mass amount of soldiers coming back home, many of them are coming back impacted and affected during their time on active duty.

Much of these problems entail various mental illnesses such as depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (anxiety disorder that follows from traumatic events). For many of these American heroes, PTSD has hindered their ability to function normally within society. This consists of a difficulty with concentrating, a lack of interest or apathy for everyday events, feeling of detachment, loss of appetite, exaggerated startling response, and of course disturbance with sleep (lack of sleep or over sleeping). Statistically speaking, 30% of soldiers have developed mental problems within three to four months of being home and continues to grow worse without any psychological or mental treatment.

The negative affect of PTSD have also lead to disturbing effects such as unemployment, homelessness, depression, and substance abuse. For the families who are dealing with this, they are often disintegrated under the pressure or financially constrained in providing the necessary help for their loved ones.

Because of these serious situations, we need to understand, accept, and work with recusing our veterans from defeated lives in any way possible. We need to try and provide these deserving men and women, who have given us the ultimate sacrifice for life, liberty, and property, with the necessary resources and recognition when they acclimate back to civilian life. Basically, we need to give them the opportunity to be contributing members of society.

To help aid you with your process, do your research on each of these organizations below and see how you can give back to our American heroes.

Veteran Support Groups: