“Country first” is a sentiment that nearly all veterans of our military hold close to their hearts. As primary season continues on, we see that there are scores of veterans running for office up to and including Congress. Luckily, these veterans happen to be on both sides of the aisle and, as veterans, know that they are to put their country first over anything.

Electing more Democrat and Republican veterans can only help this nation by increasing bipartisanship. The “country first” mentality runs deep in the blood of a veteran who will go into Congress with the understanding that they are there, for lack of better words, to get the job done for the American people. This can help disrupt the obvious and blatant partisanship that each major political party holds and prevent gridlocks and attempts by each party to throw the other party’s efforts out the window. This rebirth of bipartisanship will help put country over party. Some of the most important domestic achievements, like the Great Compromise, the Civil Rights Act, and welfare reform were all achieved through bipartisanship.

Veterans naturally champion equality of opportunity and are huge opponents of factionalism. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, or how much money you have. Everyone has the same opportunity to succeed because they’re all committed to the same mission. This helps form a bond that’s more powerful than the bond of a political party. If you were to look back into the 1970s, you’ll find that approximately 70 percent of Congress were veterans and the bipartisanship was much higher than what we experience in today’s Congress.

Veteran lawmakers have been found to cross the aisle much more often the sponsor and push legislation through that benefits the American people. When you have a higher opportunity for bipartisanship, there is naturally a higher chance of legislation being passed.

While this country is a great country, we still face many problems that seem to never be resolved. Introducing more veterans into the hallowed halls of Congress can help pass legislation that would otherwise be stalled because of strict party lines. Utilizing their patriotism and courage to put everything they have on the floor, so to speak, veterans can bolster our country and lift it back up in helping people have faith in their government again.

When voting during primary season this year, don’t worry about voting Republican or Democrat. Vote veteran. It just may save our government and restore it to its former glory.