Educational Philosophy


One of the most motivating quotes that inspired Michael G. Sheppard to work within the education sector was Albert Einstein’s views for teachers. Einstein states that, “The Supreme art of the teacher is to awaken the joy, creative expression, and knowledge within a student.” Because of this, Mike has invested a majority of his legal career in cultivating a supportive system for teachers and educational leaders alike.

During the course of an a academic year, teachers are faced with a wide range of obstacles. From student achievement to state mandated standards, educators are constantly demanded to redesign and perfect their teaching strategies and plans while also bridging the gap of educational equities. As demanding as it is, these professionals continue to mentor, lead, and parent our future leaders of tomorrow. To put it simply, while the rest of the nation can view them based on their subjective beliefs, the reality of the matter is that educators are the true backbone for American leaders today. To star, much of the general public has an unrealistic and insensitive view of the eduction sector. The phrase, “I get paid whether or not I teach,” is nothing but a negative connotation within the field. But in the realm of the classroom, job insecurity and tenure positions is not the true motivator for pushing a teacher to work. To go even further, the desire to educate the minds of tomorrow go beyond the various educational reform papers that are being shuffled through the Ivory Towers of many highly esteemed Master of Education programs. Instead, a teacher continues to do their job because, at the end of the day, they want to teach. They see passion in their craft and recognition in their work. Why else would they put up with countless hours and low salary wages unless they are passionate about the job? For teachers, especially the great ones, they continue to make that transformational impact that our nation very much needs.

Because of such passion, Michael G. Sheppard feels that it is imperative that we acknowledge the hard work and determination that our educators gives for our future leaders of tomorrow. Their compassion, their empathy, and most importantly, their consistently are what Mike believes to be necessary traits in gaining our support. That is why Mike continues to fight the good fight. While it may be tough, his efforts will always be spent providing teachers and educators the support and tools they need to succeed in the classroom.