‘Constitutional’ Podcast Humanizes The Constitution | Michael G. SheppardThe Washington Post recently created a U.S. Constitution-focused podcast called ‘Constitutional,’ and its host is celebrated reporter Lillian Cunningham.

The insightful podcast does the incredible work of exploring the founding of the constitution and varied stories that help to explain how remarkable this documented truly is. Also, Cunningham is the big brain behind ‘Presidential,’ a pre-existing podcast that takes a closer look at the 44 presidents that took to the Oval ahead of the current president.

While it may seem that delving into the constitutional history may be boring subject matter, Cunningham proves that she has a knack for bringing life to the topic, proving a close examination, while engaging the perspectives of numerous individual who’ve challenged the law and rallied for change. Additionally, she monitors the evolution of law, all while putting a human spin on that information.

‘Constitutional’ followed the production of ‘Presidential,’ which was originally drafted as a standalone project. The series ‘Presidential’ was designed to educate the American public on the history of each American president. When that podcast ended, she received messages from handfuls of listeners who were eager to learn more about the state of the nation and the nation’s history. This led to her creating the follow-up podcast. According to Cunningham, “An exploration of the Constitution was one that kept coming up as a suggestion from listeners.”

The research into another government branch is valuable to audiences interested in the Constitution, amendments, and today’s tough political climate. The compelling and humanizing podcast hits on fair punishment, prohibition, ancestry, and so much more. The very real stories of race, legacy, and reconstruction exist behind the constitution, and Cunningham brings attention to the power of the amendments.

According to Cunningham, there’s a new series in the works. While she’s poised to investigate the history of the Congress, she still hasn’t settled on a meaningful project.
Tune into Constitutional on The Washington Post’s website, and on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, RadioPublic, and Stitcher.