To lighten the burden of college costs, Bonsai Finance, a veteran-owned finance company, offers monetary scholarships to people presently or formerly in the armed forces, as well as their dependents. The goal of this award is to acknowledge those who have served the country, along with the sacrifices made by the military families by providing them the opportunity to go to college. Applicants who win this scholarship receive $2,500 for educational expenses, an amount that Bonsai Finance hopes may be enough to allow a student the opportunity to attend college.

Those who apply for the Bonsai Finance Veteran’s Scholarship are required to be citizens of the United States and to be high school seniors or graduates. They must be active members or veterans of the U.S. Military or a direct dependent of a veteran or active member of U.S. Military service. They may also already be enrolled at an accredited college, vocational or technical school, but they must not hold a bachelor’s degree prior to their application for the scholarship. There will be no discrimination against applicants for their national origin, race, gender, sexual preference or any other condition.

Along with meeting the requirements stated previously, applicants for the scholarship must submit a short essay written in response to questions posed by Bonsai Finance. This essay is essential because the decision to award the monetary scholarship to a qualified applicant is made entirely on the content of his or her essay and does not require a certain grade point average as do some scholarships. Also in contrast to other such awards, financial status is not a determiner of eligibility since Bonsai Finance wishes to give all veterans and their dependents the opportunity for the scholarship because of their service to the country. The only provision of the acceptance of the award is that the winner of the scholarship must grant Bonsai Finance permission to use the content of the essay in any media of its choosing.

Bonsai Finance is a veteran-owned company that provides its customers resources for building their financial credit. This finance company, significantly named after the Bonsai tree which requires time and patience for its shaping, provides customers the careful planning that results in successful money management. Also, the company’s website provides a Learning Center that addresses commonly-asked questions on financial matters.