Michael G. Sheppard


About Michael G. Sheppard

Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.” For our youth, education is simply eight periods in a day. But beyond those desks, beyond those halls is a tool. This tool has become the ultimate equalizer in an unfair world. It has become a weapon to combat the social inequities that our youth face on a day-to-day basis. But what if the problem stems deeper than that. What if the problem is found not in the lack of education, but the lack of support for our teachers?

Michael G. Sheppard is an attorney in Brentwood, Tennessee. Throughout his career as a lawyer, Michael G. Sheppard has found several successes within the legal profession.

But his passion for education and our teachers is something that speaks loudly to the assiduous drive he has for our future.

In Michael G. Sheppard’s life, whether it was his father, teachers, or his professors from law school, he knew the utmost importance for education. Growing up as a son of a decorated World War II veteran, Michael G. Sheppard was taught early on of the values of respect, drive, and hard work. The life lessons he learned from his father were invaluable and awakened a new perspective he had for his academic career. As much as he thought about the military, Mike ultimately decided to attend Morehead State University for his B.A. to help cultivate his pursuit in the legal profession. After graduation, Michael G. Sheppard took a step further in his goal of becoming a lawyer by attending Salmon P. Chase College of Law for his Juris Doctorate. There, Mike was able to excel in many ways. He found a place and a field where he knew he could eventually have the impact that he wanted.

Before his time as an educational lawyer, Mike worked in various fields within the legal profession. Though ultimately he wanted his academics to critically force change within the communities that he would be working in, Mike knew he had to learn the system before he could act. Because of this understanding, he started his legal career working on the defense. After learning the logistics and breakdowns of the system, he decided to take a different route by working with insurance law. There, he found much success and rose up the rankings quickly to become Vice President of his company. As much as he enjoyed his time and leadership positions on the corporate side of business, Michael G. Sheppard sought to create an intrinsic and transformative change on others. His beliefs instilled from his father to be bigger than himself led him to a field switch into education as an education lawyer.

As an education lawyer, Michael G. Sheppard is committed to going above and beyond the goals of his clients. He has heard their stories and their complaints and believes there is much to do in such a broken system. Teachers are the ones that awaken the joy and creation within their students. Michael G. Sheppard saw that first hand from his father’s life lessons and then again in law school. Hearing the stories of dejected and disheartened educators is what motivates him each day. When he is not at work, Michael G. Sheppard is active in writing various educational policy articles. He believes that for there to be a change, someone needs to speak out!
Beyond educational reform, Michael G. Sheppard is seen doing various works for the Veterans Affairs Association. Having both his brother and his father served in the military, Mike believes there is much work to be done within the organization itself. For him, there are thousands of people who have given their lives for the betterment of our future. By aiding any of these organizations, no matter how much the effort, Michael Sheppard believes we can make the impact that can disrupt the causes of injustice and create long, everlasting solution.