6-Employers-Focused-on-Boosting-Veterans,-Hiring-Them-As-Team-Members | Michael G. SheppardService members and military veterans frequently face challenges as they transition from service to their civilian lives. For this reason, it’s necessary to identify businesses and firms invested in attracting veterans as new hires, as well as those interested in their advancement.

Some things are apparent when reviewing the lives of military men and women, as they return to normalcy. Those things being that upon returning, they endure untold stress, lack critical resources, and co-experience the hindrance of spousal employment due to the nomadic nature is known to military work. For those individuals seeking people workforce, it’s important that veterans gain access to well-paying and comfortable jobs that speak to their skillset.

Some companies and firms are looking to employ qualified veterans in the civilian sector, including Celadon Trucking, Farmers Insurance, Home Depot, Roehl Transport, Verizon, and Schneider National. Read on to learn the names of the top companies currently looking to hire veterans today.

  1. USAA: The Texas-based financial institution, also known as The United Services Automobile, governs a diversified collection of financial services. The slogan for this company is “USAA knows what it means to serve,” which illustrates USAA’s respect for military men and women. Approximately 30 percent of their new hires belong to the military community, and 15 percent of their standing employees are veterans.
  2. New York Life Insurance Company: The leading mutual life insurance company in the nation and one of the largest life insurers in the world, New York Life shares the same values as those that guide service individuals throughout their careers. The company rewards those who value accountability, hard work, and integrity.
  3. Teleperformance: A leading multinational outsourcing company that’s headquartered in France, Teleperformance provides omnichannel customer experiences. Intent on motivating and inspiring customers, Teleperformance hires veterans. Approximately 14.5 percent of their new hires are veterans. They invest in modern work areas, training facilities, and they create inspiring work rooms for employees.
  4. CSX Careers: Thriving in the realm of intermodal and transportation, CSX Careers actively seeks the employment of veterans. Some the skills and experiences, such as trainability, flexibility, and diversification, are desirable for CSX operations. An incredible 24 percent of employees are veterans. Also, 27 percent of new hires are military.
  5. Pacific Gas & Electric Company: PG&E is an investor-owned, tiered organization that’s headquartered in San Francisco. They are eager to recruit veterans and glad to acquire veteran’s dedication to recruitment, mentorship, promotion, and transition. They train their employees to access success, giving them additional job skills, enrolling them in a mentorship program, and offering them profound tools to embolden them, no matter what their occupational specialties.
  6. Deloitte: The foremost provider of professional services in the categories of tax, consulting, audit, and advisory. Recognized as one of the world’s oldest accounting firms, they provide countless services to the public, including cyber security, risk management, organization transformation, and more. They manage to lever the extensive knowledge of veterans to solve industry issues and complex government issues.

If you know of other businesses that focus on boosting and supporting veterans, please share in the comments section below!