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V.A. Avoids Responsibility Over Malpractice Claims_ Michael G. Sheppard

V.A. Avoids Responsibility Over Malpractice Claims

In 2009, many veterans received a letter detailing that they may have been exposed to life-threatening infections due to damaged equipment or unclean colonoscopy equipment. John Renegar Jr., a 66-year-old Vietnam vet, was one of those who tested positive for chronic hepatitis. Due to the lack of care, Renegar is now at risk for life-threatening liver damage for the rest of… Read more →

Bonsai Finance's Scholarship Aids Veterans and Dependents _ Michael G. Sheppard

Bonsai Finance’s Scholarship Aids Veterans and Dependents

To lighten the burden of college costs, Bonsai Finance, a veteran-owned finance company, offers monetary scholarships to people presently or formerly in the armed forces, as well as their dependents. The goal of this award is to acknowledge those who have served the country, along with the sacrifices made by the military families by providing them the opportunity to go… Read more →

Michael G. Sheppard Vietnam's Most Decorated Unit

Remembering Vietnam: Vietnam’s Most Decorated Unit

In the history of military warfare, there are thousands of memorable battles that illustrate the incredible courage and determination of the human spirit, especially when faced with overwhelming odds. One such example is the Vietnam War’s Battle of Hill 488 and the brave men of Team 2, a Marine Recon platoon that subsequently became the war’s most decorated unit.  … Read more →

How You Can Help_ Michael G. Sheppard

How You Can Help Veterans With PTSD

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is something that many veterans suffer from after their return from their service. In the United States alone, eight million people suffer from it. Since the Iraq and Afghanistan War, this number has jumped to 11 to 20 percent. The disorder has the ability to make veterans feel alone and have to suffer by themselves. This couldn’t be further from… Read more →

Low-income, Underserved, & Veterans Gain Educational Opportunities in Seattle | Michael G. Sheppard

Low-income, Underserved, & Veterans Gain Educational Opportunities in Seattle

Low-income individuals, the underserved, and veterans in Seattle now have access to many more enriching opportunities.   Seattle, Washington’s South Seattle College recently opened the Education Opportunity Center (EOC). The development of the program is an example of efforts being made across the board to better the circumstances of those who served, as well those requiring assistance to become better… Read more →


6 Important Veterans Benefits You May Not Know About

Veterans, do you know which benefits are available to you?   Veterans are individuals who’ve served in the military, amassing an enormous amount of experience in their respective field. But more than that, veterans are persons who’ve been directly exposed to acts of military conflict, stepping on the front line during times of war to service for their country.  … Read more →

6-Employers-Focused-on-Boosting-Veterans,-Hiring-Them-As-Team-Members | Michael G. Sheppard

6 Employers Focused on Boosting Veterans, Hiring Them As Team Members

Service members and military veterans frequently face challenges as they transition from service to their civilian lives. For this reason, it’s necessary to identify businesses and firms invested in attracting veterans as new hires, as well as those interested in their advancement. Some things are apparent when reviewing the lives of military men and women, as they return to normalcy. Those… Read more →