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Michael G. Sheppard Vietnam's Most Decorated Unit

Remembering Vietnam: Vietnam’s Most Decorated Unit

In the history of military warfare, there are thousands of memorable battles that illustrate the incredible courage and determination of the human spirit, especially when faced with overwhelming odds. One such example is the Vietnam War’s Battle of Hill 488 and the brave men of Team 2, a Marine Recon platoon that subsequently became the war’s most decorated unit.  … Read more →

‘Constitutional’ Podcast Humanizes The Constitution | Michael G. Sheppard

‘Constitutional’ Podcast Humanizes The Constitution

The Washington Post recently created a U.S. Constitution-focused podcast called ‘Constitutional,’ and its host is celebrated reporter Lillian Cunningham. The insightful podcast does the incredible work of exploring the founding of the constitution and varied stories that help to explain how remarkable this documented truly is. Also, Cunningham is the big brain behind ‘Presidential,’ a pre-existing podcast that takes a… Read more →

Michael G. Sheppard

6 Ways To Explain The Value of Voting To Young People

We should simplify the way we explain elections to young people, rather than avoiding the conversation or launching into thick statements that merely spout baseless opinions on politicians and the issues. Whether you’re discussing what’s happening on The Hill, in your state, or in your backyard, you should try to help young people understand the role of government and democracy, and… Read more →

Low-income, Underserved, & Veterans Gain Educational Opportunities in Seattle | Michael G. Sheppard

Low-income, Underserved, & Veterans Gain Educational Opportunities in Seattle

Low-income individuals, the underserved, and veterans in Seattle now have access to many more enriching opportunities.   Seattle, Washington’s South Seattle College recently opened the Education Opportunity Center (EOC). The development of the program is an example of efforts being made across the board to better the circumstances of those who served, as well those requiring assistance to become better… Read more →

Polk Foundation

The Polk Foundation Launches The Tennessee Star Constitution Project Featuring September 23 Constitution Bee for Students

FRANKLIN, Tennessee – The Polk Foundation today announced the launch of their initiative to teach secondary school students the cornerstones of American liberty: the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and all the amendments. Dubbed The Tennessee Star Constitution Project, the effort includes: The publication and free distribution of an original book, The Tennessee Star Guide to the Constitution and the Bill… Read more →

4 Edtools Helping to Energize Your Classroom | Michael G. Sheppard

4 Edtools Helping to Energize Your Classroom

Education is so frequently fueled by technology and all that it might offer. Technology tools are facilitated by curated collections of favored apps, as well as step-by-step guides and overviews published by experts interested in grooming educators and those being educated. Edtech tools can be tailored to different teaching styles, grade levels, subject areas, and the individual needs of students.… Read more →


6 Important Veterans Benefits You May Not Know About

Veterans, do you know which benefits are available to you?   Veterans are individuals who’ve served in the military, amassing an enormous amount of experience in their respective field. But more than that, veterans are persons who’ve been directly exposed to acts of military conflict, stepping on the front line during times of war to service for their country.  … Read more →

6-Employers-Focused-on-Boosting-Veterans,-Hiring-Them-As-Team-Members | Michael G. Sheppard

6 Employers Focused on Boosting Veterans, Hiring Them As Team Members

Service members and military veterans frequently face challenges as they transition from service to their civilian lives. For this reason, it’s necessary to identify businesses and firms invested in attracting veterans as new hires, as well as those interested in their advancement. Some things are apparent when reviewing the lives of military men and women, as they return to normalcy. Those… Read more →

8 Great Facts About Student Veterans | Michael G. Sheppard

8 Great Facts About Student Veterans

Thousands of members of the military enter service with an ultimate goal in mind: higher education. For many of these soldiers, marines, airmen, and sailors, the military has been their only job and those years of extensive training don’t necessarily translate to civilian employment.   Life can be difficult for those trained in the armed forces. They’re confronted with disorientation… Read more →