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Michael G. Sheppard

6 Ways To Explain The Value of Voting To Young People

We should simplify the way we explain elections to young people, rather than avoiding the conversation or launching into thick statements that merely spout baseless opinions on politicians and the issues. Whether you’re discussing what’s happening on The Hill, in your state, or in your backyard, you should try to help young people understand the role of government and democracy, and… Read more →

Michael G. Sheppard

Maryland’s Lawyers Lead The Nation with The Number of Pro Bono Hours Offered

According to the American Bar Association Center of Pro Bono, the state of Maryland boasts one of the greatest rates of pro bono activity in the nation.   Lawyers donated approximately 1,150,205 hours of volunteer or pro bono legal services; spending that hour aiding the state’s less fortunate population. The Current Status of Pro Bono Service Among Maryland Lawyers, 2016… Read more →

Low-income, Underserved, & Veterans Gain Educational Opportunities in Seattle | Michael G. Sheppard

Low-income, Underserved, & Veterans Gain Educational Opportunities in Seattle

Low-income individuals, the underserved, and veterans in Seattle now have access to many more enriching opportunities.   Seattle, Washington’s South Seattle College recently opened the Education Opportunity Center (EOC). The development of the program is an example of efforts being made across the board to better the circumstances of those who served, as well those requiring assistance to become better… Read more →

7 Best Tips to Manage Your Classroom

Whether you are a novice or experienced teacher, strategies for efficient and effective classroom management are vital in creating a strong, conducive, and positive learning environment. Classroom management, by definition, is a process of ensuring efficient and operational teaching despite disruptions or negative classroom behavior. These skills and techniques are leveraged by teachers to keep their students organized, orderly, focused,… Read more →