The Meaning Behind the Thirteen Folds of the American Flag _ Michael G. Sheppard (1)

The Meaning Behind the Thirteen Folds of the American Flag

The American flag embodies the values and core beliefs that the United States was founded on. These cherished values are defended by the brave men and women of the Armed Services, who give some or all of their lives in service to their country. The flag is furnished to a departed veteran’s family in gratitude and as a tribute of respect. Officially,… Read more →

Walgreens Joins Forces With the VA _ Michael G. Sheppard

Walgreens Joins Forces With the VA

In a thoughtful and well-considered effort to remain competitive in the pharmacy game, retailer Walgreens has joined forces with the Department of Veterans Affairs to provide servicemen and -women with more comprehensive care. The alliance dubbed the “VA-Walgreens Exchange,” will allow the VA doctors to view and manage their patients’ prescriptions when the orders are filled at Walgreens. This will help the… Read more →

Why Are So Many Veterans Homeless__ Michael G. Sheppard

Veterans on the Streets: Why Are Veterans Homeless?

Federal legislation considers people who don’t have a regular, fixed and adequate nighttime shelter as homeless. People who become homeless do so for a variety of reasons. In the 1970s, people were left without shelter when mental hospitals closed, and economic reversals often cause homelessness in any decade. This applies especially to people who don’t have family members or lack… Read more →

The V.A. Is Making Suicide Prevention A Top Priority_ Michael G. Sheppard

Suicide Prevention Remains A Top Priority Of The V.A.

Suicide prevention has become the Department of Veterans Affairs’ top priority. All former service members should have a safe place they can turn to if they are having a mental health crisis. This could mean urgent care at a Vet Center, VA emergency department, or the Veterans Crisis Line. Every suicide is a tragedy and is a public health epidemic… Read more →

V.A.'s Robert Wilke's Position on the Privatization of Health Care_ Michael G. Sheppard

The V.A.’s Robert Wilke’s Position on the Privatization of Health Care

Robert Wilkie has been confirmed as the United States Secretary of Veteran Affairs as of July 10, 2018. An Air Force reservist, Wilkie is the son of an Army artillery commander and wounded veteran of the Vietnam War. Mr. Wilkie brings to the VA the experience of 30 years of working on national security and military issues. While in the Defense… Read more →

V.A. Avoids Responsibility Over Malpractice Claims_ Michael G. Sheppard

V.A. Avoids Responsibility Over Malpractice Claims

In 2009, many veterans received a letter detailing that they may have been exposed to life-threatening infections due to damaged equipment or unclean colonoscopy equipment. John Renegar Jr., a 66-year-old Vietnam vet, was one of those who tested positive for chronic hepatitis. Due to the lack of care, Renegar is now at risk for life-threatening liver damage for the rest of… Read more →

Bonsai Finance's Scholarship Aids Veterans and Dependents _ Michael G. Sheppard

Bonsai Finance’s Scholarship Aids Veterans and Dependents

To lighten the burden of college costs, Bonsai Finance, a veteran-owned finance company, offers monetary scholarships to people presently or formerly in the armed forces, as well as their dependents. The goal of this award is to acknowledge those who have served the country, along with the sacrifices made by the military families by providing them the opportunity to go… Read more →