6-Important-Veterans-Benefits-You-May-Not-Know-About-compressorVeterans, do you know which benefits are available to you?


Veterans are individuals who’ve served in the military, amassing an enormous amount of experience in their respective field. But more than that, veterans are persons who’ve been directly exposed to acts of military conflict, stepping on the front line during times of war to service for their country.


Often, however, these veterans aren’t honored or well as they should be. Nor are they granted access to resources that who be given in abundance. No matter, there are some basic health care and education benefits that are available to veterans through the Department of Veterans: Tricare and the GI Bill. Also, there are additional programs that grant similar benefits to veterans and their loved ones, helping these individuals to improve their lives. Some of these programs even seek to ease the financial burden of certain expenses, including medical cost.


Caregiver Support

The Department of Veteran Affairs has a caregiver support program that will assist veterans recovering at home. Although this program does not grant monetary support, they will offer a support line and will facilitate a caregiver support, relieving love ones of the stress of securing a caregiver independently.


Long-term Care


The Aid and Attendance program provides care to aging veterans if they’re eligible. Eligible individuals receive funds to pay for the nursing home costs. They additionally cover the costs of long-term options and assisted living programs. Couples can receive up to $25,020 per year, and the surviving spouse of veterans can receive up to $13,560 annually for long-term costs


Death Benefits


When a veteran dies, the Department of Veteran Affairs offer free headstones or grave markers, and a U.S. flag can be requested for the purpose of draping it over the casket of the deceased.


Certification Programs


The GI Bill allows for veterans to receive credits toward a college degree, but the bill also offers up to $2,000 to pay the cost of certification courses and vocational training programs. The certification programs are excellent for individuals interested in exploring career options. Unused credits can be transferred to veterans and dependents. However, there are service limits required to transfer the benefits.


Life Insurance

Through the Servicemembers’ and Veterans’ Group Life Insurance program, veterans can access life insurance, which can be difficult to obtain independently. The program allows veterans to receive up to $400,000 in life insurance.


Free Tax Preparation

There are free tax preparation services through the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance offices on military bases. Available to veterans and their families, the individuals working in those spaces are experts in reporting on complicated, unique military-related tax issues.


Other significant veteran benefits include mortgage assistance, VA loans, and the American Corporate Partners program, which connects veterans to top companies, helping them to obtain a job, one-on-one mentoring, or other career development services.